Five9 Increases Outsourcer Flexibility To Lower Costs and Win More Deals
Enjoy Staffing, Agent, and Software Flexibility with Five9
“We were growing quickly—but the next 200 agents were going to cost a fortune in infrastructure. The cloud has removed that barrier for good.”
–Tom Rocca, President
For call center outsourcers, client expectations are as high as ever, even though the client commitments remain as unpredictable as ever. They expect agents to be ready whenever they need, success on the phone with inbound and outbound campaigns, and tight integration with their own internal systems.

When dealing with multiple clients at once these demands create staffing uncertainty and put pressure on margins, as well as making it harder to close deals where integration is important.
SupportSeven Case Study
“No-ceiling,” cloud-based contact center solution fuels accelerated BPO growth.
StraightForward Case Study
Start-up Straight Forward gains customer insight and agility by adopting a cloud-based contact center platform.
Flexible Staffing
Since Five9 is in the cloud, outsourcers can scale up or down every month, have agents anywhere, and pay-as-you-go.
Flexible Agents
With Five9's leading blended agent technology, agents can make both inbound and outbound calls, boosting productivity, and margins.
Flexible Technology
Five9 leads the industry in integration, profoundly simplifying the connection to client processes, information, and reporting.
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